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Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, Neuropathy, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, ALS and more.
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Benefits of At Home Physical Therapy

There are many reasons at-home physical therapy can be a great choice.

Peace of mind.
Staying home helps our high-risk patients continue to receive the care they need without the added stress of leaving home.

Less expensive.
Save transportation costs and transportation hassles. Mobility Haven’s virtual and in-home Physical Therapy is a great solution.

More efficient appointments.
No more getting to and from the PT office. We come to you, either in person or via telehealth/virtually.

What People
say About Haven Mobility

Made my mother a happier person.

I did not know that my mother needed to see a PT until she told me that she was not sleeping recently. She doesn’t drive anymore thanks to her glaucoma. My therapist was so gracious to go to her apartment, explain the stretches needed to perform at bedtime and develop a better routine for a restful sleep. He followed up with virtual visits and encouraged her throughout the process. I could never devote that much time by going back and forth to an outpatient office. Haven Mobility definitely made my mother a happier person.

Stephanie O.

Got valuable advice

I have had chronic back pain for years from an old car accident. I was not eligible for home health services anymore but my back does not allow me to travel on long car rides. Besides, I have done PT over and over in the past. I decided to give Haven Mobility a chance. Color me impressed! I was able to show my therapist how I did things at home and got valuable advice on how to make my life easier. My back still pains me but I have new ways to manage my condition and avoid surgery. Thanks, Haven Mobility.

Pascal D.

I love how simple the process was

I love how simple the process was to get seen by a therapist. I definitely recommend getting the paperwork done online. I could talk directly about my problems without distraction.

Trevor G.