Disorders Physical Therapy

If you’re in pain from a chronic condition like arthritis or from an accident or fall, you probably don’t want to move that painful body part. But you know that need to! We treat issues including Arthritis, Injury from Accident or Fall, Low Back Pain, Recovery from Hip, Knee, Shoulder Replacement, and more.

At your appointment, your Haven Mobility therapist will lead you through your individually designed program that is tailored to your specific issue. Whether you have a chronic condition like arthritis or injury from an accident like a fall, low back pain, or recovery from a hip replacement or a broken ankle, we’re here to help.

We use a variety of methods to relieve musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, to help you regain your physical function and mobility. It helps you recover faster after a traumatic accident or sports injury that affects your musculoskeletal system.

Do you have an upcoming surgery? There are ways to prepare and maximize the outcome for faster recovery. This can be done 7-14 days prior to the scheduled surgery.  It can be offered either in-home or via telehealth.