Physical Therapy for Long COVID-19

What Haven Mobility does for COVID-19 patients: We monitor aerobic training to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary health, review appropriate strength training to restore lost muscle and strength, including endurance training to reduce fatigue and promote participation in pre-COVID activities, balance training to reduce fall risk, monitor vital signs including blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, respiration rate as the intensity level of activity increases to reduce the risk of progressing too quickly at home or in the community.

Physical therapists at Mobility Haven can help COVID-19 long-haulers by recommending activities including low-intensity stretches to improve range of motion, and strength and balance training. Movement is essential to COVID-19 recovery. The goal of physical therapy is to improve your strength, stamina, and quality of life through prescribed movement.

NOTE: If you have symptoms of long COVID-19, first contact your primary care doctor. Long COVID may include other health complications that require labs, tests, or imaging before being referred to a physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment specific to your condition.