Cognitive Decline/Dementia Physical Therapy

PT can improve the quality of life by advancing both physical and mental health. During the early-to-mid stages of dementia, physical therapy is vital to promote increased functional independence in daily activities.

Physical Therapy with Haven Mobility focuses on specific physical activities that are enjoyable and meaningful to the person. Our goal is to decrease fall risk while promoting a sense of purpose, including playing sports, gardening, or housekeeping activities.

People with dementia are at higher risk of falls, hospitalizations, and further medical complications due to decreased muscle strength, gait instabilities, decreased balance, and cognitive limitations. As dementia progresses, physical therapy becomes even more imperative to maintain that person’s current abilities while slowing the rate of further functional decline.

During the later stages, our physical therapist will work to improve flexibility to prevent the risk of muscle contractures, practice task-specific activities such as getting in and out of bed and chairs to increase daily mobility, teach pressure relief strategies to promote skin integrity and provide assessments for assistive device needs.