Most Frequent Questions

Physical therapists are highly trained and licensed professionals who can help you reach your goals, such as preparing for or recovering from surgery, preventing or recovering from an injury, decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, or improving strength and balance.

No. This is a private practice, which is similar to therapists working at an outpatient therapy clinic.

No. That rule only applies to home health agencies. Since this is private practice, our therapists are allowed see Medicare clients in their homes irrespective of the homebound status.

There are numerous advantages. Here are a few:
• Clients don’t have to worry about driving or getting a ride to a clinic 2-3 times a week.
• It is more effective for therapist to actually see the limitations and problems that patients face at home, rather than trying to simulate the action in the clinic.
• Clients receive our 100% of our undivided attention at home. This is often impossibile in the multitasking world of the outpatient clinic.

New York is a direct access state meaning you are not required to see a physician prior to seeing a physical therapist for an examination & treatment. A prescription for therapy is optional & encouraged from the patient’s doctor. This means the patient can either contact his/her physician first and ask for a prescription to be faxed over to us, or the patient can contact us directly and we can secure a prescription from the M.D. Please contact us for more information.