About Haven Mobility

About Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Spendy Pierre-Louis is a Board Certified Geriatric Specialist who graduated from Loma Linda University with over 21 years of field experience in various settings; including outpatient, acute care, homecare, neuro-rehab and long term subacute care, chances are that the problem you may be dealing with has been dealt with and solved in the past.

He has practiced in various states throughout the country, including Massachusetts, Maryland, Alabama, California and now New York/New Jersey. His practical problem solving skills are well appreciated, especially in the care of elders who often are neglected by society. He believes that age should not be a barrier to access physical care. Improvements are available if one is willing to do the work.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, find great tasting healthy food and spend time with his family. One day, he might adopt a dog, if someone could only sway him.

Haven Mobility’s Solutions

In the past, when clients were discharged from the hospital or rehab facility, the only option was to refer them to traditional outpatient clinics. Sadly, the vast majority of patients never follow up with their own rehab needs beyond this point. Sometimes this is caused by transportation issues, the cost of transportation, and/or the physical challenges of  leaving home. Sometimes the PT experience is lacking; too many people, too much wait time, no one-on-one with a PT.

Haven Mobility is the solution to these issues.


We come to you anywhere via telehealth, or in-person, in Orange County NY. Our one-on-one, personalized, physical therapy appointments will get you the right healthcare, at the right time, in the right place!

We know that when you feel safe and comfortable, you can perform better, focus better, and live better. Stay home and move better with Haven Mobility.