Haven Mobility brings your licensed physical therapist right to you!

Get personalized one-to-one physical therapy anywhere via telehealth or in person, in Orange County NY.
We’ll design a personalized recovery plan for you to help you gain mobility, and strength. Right from the comfort of your home.

About Telehealth PT

Telehealth is a popular option that enables patients to see and talk to their Physical Therapist from the comfort and convenience of home. At Haven Mobility, we offer telehealth, as well as in-home physical therapy sessions.

What We Treat

We treat patients recovering from fractures, sprain/strains, arthritis, knee, hip & shoulder replacement, COVID-19, stroke, spinal cord injury, amputations, Parkinson’s, ALS, COPD, heart-attack, dementia & more.

Our Tools

We bring the tools to your home, including portable bikes, upper extremity ergometers, steppers, hot packs and cold packs, electric stimulators, weights, resistance bands, balance boards, vestibular discs, and more.

Our Promise

You have our full attention and we will answer all your questions, clear your doubts and explain your medical issues. We complete your treatment plan on your schedule and in a location that’s convenient for you!

How Does Telehealth PT Work?

Expect the same things you would from in-person PT, including a treatment plan and exercise program to keep up between sessions.

To participate in a virtual/telehealth PT, you’ll need:

1) Desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile/cell phone with a working camera and microphone.

2) Reliable internet connection. No special apps or telehealth technology is needed.

3) Comfortable clothing and space that will allow for movement.

4) Any exercise equipment prescribed/supplied by your PT.